Friday, June 5, 2009

Week 12

Russell Lowe was speaking to us during the lecture today. He showed us some of his projects in which he used Crysis, he describes the Crysis engine to be amazing, as in previous years he has been working mostly with the unreal engines, which he still thinks is great, but not as great and powerful as Crysis.

Real-time visualisation gives clients a better feel of their environment, having this you can find errors which you might not see on the plans, e.g. the elevator type lift that lifts heavy patients collided with the door opening. These errors probably will not be noticed if it wasn't for the real time environment, and may have caused major problems when the building is completed.

Stephen Peter then gave us a brief introduction on next semesters graduation project, he gave out a couple of examples to give us ideas on the decisions we can make, at this point of time I think ill be going with either time-based visualisation or just visualisation.

During the tutorial our team received feedback from Jeremy and Graham. Personally I think we need to change alot of things, building scale, materials, textures, lightings, landscape, and some other minor problems such as the doors not appearing when you first enter the game. The feedback was very helpful as advice is given to us, but weather we take it in is entirely up to us. Whilst I was modelling the building I noticed that the exterior of the building had no windows, it just looked like a block with doors, Jeremy advised us to maybe put windows in there to make the building more appealling to the eye and actually give it a feel of wanting to go inside. I totally agree with that suggestion, the outside landscape has some greenery which residents can enjoy the view, so why not have windows to have a visual relationship to the external environment. This week is really going to be full on.

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