Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Final Building Form (Process & Development)

The past few days I have been working on re-modelling the whole building. This process was harder than it seemed, alot of planning went into the placement and function of the rooms, the ramps that circulates around the building starting from the ground level down into the pool level took a while to figure out. As stated before, the model is now resized there was remarks previously on how big the building was before.

The tutors suggested having windows around the exterior of the building, as it will give a visual relationship between the two spaces, and since there will be some sort of scenery I think its more of a reason to do so. As the building is resized smaller, natural lighting then will become an issue, but having windows around the exterior of the building hopefully will light up the ramp corridors and some of the living spaces.

The left building was the old fabrication, the right is the new re-built building, as you can see there is a major size difference.

The wells windows now look similar to the ones shown on the conceptual design pictures, I've also noticed that their drawings don't match up, the location of windows don't match from the different views of each picture. The process of creating a custom window took me a long time to do, I had so many problems the sill and head height which did not work with the numbers I inputted, and also the fact that I have never created families within Revit before.

View of the front of the building, these windows will provide more natural sunlight to the building and also for some rooms will provide a view to the outside environment. Hopefully the ramp corridors gets lit up well during the night.

Back and side view of the building, take note that under the last window, that's where the ground will be, so everything under that point will be underground much like a well.

The model completed with the roof, doors and glass have to be removed from the model, as they are to be added when imported into Sandbox 2.

Ground floor level, you can see around the building it has an offset of walls which are the ramp corridors, main stair way is located on the right, living room and dining area are up top, down below the two rooms are night zones, and kitchen and bathroom to the left.

Top right study room, top and bottom left are night zones (bedrooms) with bathrooms, bottom right is another living area.

This is the pool level, main swimming pool is located in the centre, whilst there a more private swimming pool is located to the top, the left side is a living space, and bottom is a shallow swimming area. Ramp access is located to the left where the double door swings are seen.

3D view of the ramp corridors (wall has been hidden), you can see the windows that hopefully will provide natural sunlight into the interior, and ramp corridor.

The two circles show similarities, the left image is a bit off angle. But whilst in the Crysis game it would look very similar indeed.

Pointing out the ramp corridor spaces and how the windows were used to provide lighting into these dark spaces.

This is a snap I took when I imported the model into sketch up, you could see it looks similar to the conceptual perspective, just that the glass isn't see through, and my model doesn't show the fish tanks,textures and water.

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