Saturday, May 30, 2009

Mid‐Level Specialisation - Creating a Custom HUD

Personally I think this tutorial is useful, its the only video tutorial I found on how to create a custom HUD for Crysis. My personal experience of trying to complete this tutorial failed, at first everything was going well it was easy to follow his guide, but when it hit 1min 20secs into the video, he just flys through all these things, and doesn't talk about he done it, (think that part was fast forwarded). Only had 4 minutes left untill the tutorial could of been done. I skimmed towards the end of the video and noticed I was going to have another problem at 4min 58sec, he had like a quick launch MOD in game shortcut happening, in which I had no glue how to get to.

Above: Where I was left behind.
Source: Tutorial Video, youtube,, (Date Accessed 30th May 2009)

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