Monday, June 22, 2009

Fixing Well City

The last couple of days I've been working on fixing up my teams fabrication. During the presentation we had some major problems, first it was the building flashing, second is the map runs very slow. Firstly I fixed up some of the textures, the fish tanks looked see through and not that visible during the night, so I added the wet and frost effect to the tank making it more visible. The swimming pool's texture has also been changed, it now has some ripple effect instead of being a clear flat looking surface.

Since I had to go a couple of steps back this involved redoing some of the things that was previously done. The lighting is now fixed up, extra lighting fixtures also have been added and also light switches. The lighting colour is still a warm yellowish orange colour, but it is not as intense and bright as the previous one. The doors, and their rotations have been fixed up, this part was really annoying, sometimes the doors would disappear once in a while. Some parts of the building was flashy and had to be covered up with a solid then textures, this also was done with gaps within the building.

Placement of the buildings had to be redone, making holes and placing them in, also covering up the bits that are open on the sides. Covering up the bits that were open was done by using solids to fill in the gaps, then the land was modified so it would look natural.

The final result, personally I think it is alot better, this time you can actually walk around the map, but there is still a bit of lag when playing on high specs, either than that everything else is all good.

The images below displays the process of fixing up well city.

The living room's new lighting.

Master bedroom's new lighting.

The light switch.

Fixed up doors that open the right way.

The new water texture, notice the noise ripple effect.

The fish tank is now more visible during the night, thanks to the wet and frost applyed to it.

Extra lighting and fixtures.

View from inside the pool looking up.

The gaps that have been filled with solids.

Placement of the well houses.

Finally finished everything.

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