Friday, June 12, 2009

Group Session

Today we had a group meeting, this meeting gave Jackey, Wirada and myself a chance to see how everything is coming together, I finished my model in Revit a couple of days ago, Wirada is working on texturing and importing the building and other objects into Crysis, while Jackie finishes modifying the terrain which looks really well. The textures chosen for this the building had to be changed, I noticed that the wall textures looked stretched thus making it blurry. I went to search for textures, the end result was using a standard texture on sketch up, which I adjusted the colour so it would look similar to the conceptual perspective provided.
I also learned something useful today, I went through the tutorial on how to import textured models into Crysis, seems really easy to do with sketch up, all thanks to Wirada's blog. I did this to experiment how different types of themes would suit the interior.

Above: The texture I have chosen for the walls throughout the building, the above walls (purple, orange) was the textures before, which will be changed.

Above: I'm hoping if we get enough time that this is what the theme of our kitchen will look like, personally I think it will match up, as our building has light coloured walls, and white window frames.

I'm choosing themes for rooms because on the old fabrication colours did not match up really well, having a set theme or style throughout the building will create consistency for the eye, also rooms would not have a dramatic change when entered.

I started looking at the "how to create a fish tank" tutorial by Allan. The tutorial is useful but I'm having a bit of trouble on the fish appearing. All our team is waiting on now is the building and furniture to be textured and imported into Crysis so we can place it on our modified terrain.


Source: Kitchen View, Momoy,, (Date Accessed 12th June 2009)

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