Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Fish Tanks

The fish tanks in well city is one of the most important features that we must have in our fabrication. The fish tanks gives the well a sense of pure escape, a relaxing pool area that when looked up upon the inner walls are decorated with fish tanks. Personally I think if our fabrication did not have these fish tanks it would just look really plain and ordinary, the feeling of the environment will defiantly be alot different. I did get the fish working inside the fish tank, but problems occurred, as my tank was fairly small, the fish would at times swim out of the tank and float around in mid air. This problem did not get resolved, I couldn't risk a finished fabrication and have fish just floating around outside the tanks.

Below are images of my progress to completion.

The shape of the tank.

Testing out the water inside the fish tank.

Another view of the final tank form.

Swimming inside the tank, which has vegetation.

Placement of the fish tanks in the pool area of the building.

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  1. Interesting post!! I got new fish tank and other fish supplies from Petco...