Sunday, June 7, 2009

Sunday Meeting

Its very important to have group meetings now since its getting close to the submisison date. Today our group divided up all the work, so in a few days time we can collects each individuals work and combine it into one. Jackey is working on the land form, we need to make a few adjustments to the land, making it look and feel more like an desert oasis. Wirada and Swati looked into themes and furniture designs we could have for our rooms inside the building, one major problem I thought we had was that the furniture's textures didn't quite match up with the room, a suitable theme would definitely be recommended. Myself, after having feedback from the tutors I now made some major adjustments, first of all the overall building was too large, so the building is now scaled down into a more workable realistic size.

In the previous fabrication our building didn't have the ramp section which runs along the walls of the building, windows were suggested to be put in to create a better sense of a relaxing peaceful place and also have a visual connection to the external environment, before it just looked like a box with double doors. Windows are now vital to the building, as the well hole is now smaller it will probably not provide much natural sunlight for the interior spaces, therefore windows are now placed around the building, this also helps to light up the ramp spaces and some of the interior rooms. Basically we are re-creating the whole fabrication again from scratch, at least now we know the process of importing it into Crysis as it was done before.

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