Thursday, June 18, 2009

Final Post – Contribution & Collaboration

At the start of the semester I thought having random people in your group would not go so smoothly, as I didn’t really know them well enough and haven’t worked with them before. But as the weeks progressed and collaboration comes into play I got to know my team a little better. I’ve learnt why Jeremy had put us into random groups, like he said “in the real world you cannot choose who you want to work with” this statement made is true. In most cases, working on the same project you usually don’t get a choice who you want to work with, so this became a good learning experience for each of us and will prepare us for the real world.

As time progressed further into due dates you can see which individual of the team really put an effort to what they do and the amount of quality. When we had a group discussion on who was going to do what, I choose to build the entire model with the kitchen which was done in Revit. Working out the room layouts took a while to do, as some spaces of the building were not clearly defined.The ramp area took a while to figure out, but the most important thing to me was to try and get those two conceptual perceptive views provided by the architects. As the end result I think the two views we had looked really similar.

Whilst I was working on the building Jackey was working on the terrain for the placement of the building. The model was then handed to Wirada for placement of furniture and textures of the building. I helped Wirada out on the ideas of textures in building, the final texture of the building was chosen by myself, it was a standard texture in sketch up which I adjusted the colour so it would look similar to the conceptual design, I also suggested using white window frames just to keep similarities. Another one of my tasks was water, I created the pool area using water volumes in Crysis and added a water type texture to it.

I then added windows to the building, when re-building the model, windows were taken into consideration for two reasons, one was lighting issues, and the other was to have a visual relationship between the exterior and interior spaces. Fish tanks was a main feature of our fabrication, this was a must have as the tanks resembles life within the well and gives it a different experience. I also had to redo the entire lighting of the building, as the previous one the colour of the lights were not adjusted, they were just basically default lighting placed onto the map with no further adjustments. I also contributed to the team blog with some of the weekly updates. Throughout the weeks our team was constantly giving each other feedback on individual’s thoughts and inputs into the fabrication, this is important to having a better outcome.

In conclusion this course was a great learning experience, real-time environment is not only fun to do but I think it will one day become the standard of presenting your works to a client. Collaboration was the main key area of focus; all those twelve collaboration topics we talked about were all experienced by each team in some way. Working with my team was cool; (they were all new to me) we had good times working with one another, it’s good to know that you can still have a bit of a laugh now and then, but when it comes down to getting serious work done, we get it done. From this real-time experience, at this moment in time I think I'll be definitely be using Crysis for my graduation project.

I would like to thank my group members for their efforts and contribution, and Jeremy and Graham for their support and guidance.


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