Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Last Group Session

I got to uni around 6pm today with the work I done, which was completed windows, fish tanks, and the well water. I loaded it up in the labs and noticed that my textures for some of the glass and water did not show. This problem was resolved 30mins later when all you had to do to save the texture was rename it after you inputted the settings. Today I had to take out the lighting that Swati done yesterday night. The lighting was very dull, and the colour of the lights didn't seem to make the place any better, this had to be changed.

After I fixed the texturing problems, Wirada started to work on AI within the environment, the AI used is pretty good, she used some smart objects which made the AI do all sorts of actions such as sitting down. Jackie then finished placing doors within the building. I started to work on re-doing the lighting, at first I set all the objects to cast shadows, I added simple lights and adjusted the colour of the lighting to orange, this made the building feel more warm and welcoming. The light's colour multiplier adjusts the intensity of the lights, this setting had to be carefully adjusted, upping this value too much could over brighten the rooms. My team mates and I were really impressed by the lighting, I never thought I could get the perfect setting on the first few go's of trying.

Then disaster strikes, the screen froze, had the blue screen pop up, then restarted. Our work was all on the primary drives, which we all know cleans out every time you restart, so we are now delayed a few hours back, so tragic. I'm really feeling on the down low right now.

I finally finished re-doing what we lost, which was, placing the fish tanks, and lightnings. Lighting then became a problem, problem was I couldn't get that cool light setting I had before, I got it quite similar but not as wow as before. I think it wasn't as good as before because the first time we saw it was also the first time experiencing lights. Anyhow the end results are shown in the images below. (Please note that the images shown are taking during the night)

Lighting in the top floor bedroom.

On top of the building, looking down into the well.

Master bedroom.

Another bedroom.

Dining and living room.

Pool area.

I quickly checked the placement of the glass to the window frames, all good. I had to leave so I reminded Jackie and Wirada the tasks left which needs to be done, the presentation room, fixing up the flashy elements within the building, adding doors and AI again, put in lighting fixtures so it doesn't look like nothing is lighting up the rooms. Once these tasks are done the building is going to be grouped into one object, holes have to be made on the land for the building to sit in. The placement of the well buildings are up to Jackie and Wirada.

Hopefully all goes to plan.

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