Thursday, June 18, 2009

Final Presentation

During the final presentation today we had some guests in the audience. Due to Jackey's exam we were booked to present last. Every teams presentation went pretty well, they all done alot of polishing since the last presentation. Most teams polished up on textures, and adding in furniture into their fabrication. Its good to know how they all collaborated together to produce something really amazing, but collaboration in some of the groups was a little bumpy.

When our group went up to present, their was a major problem which was the flashy lights. This problem caused everything to lag dramatically, and the viewers were getting quite annoyed. Lucky Jeremy seen the photos we posted up before hand, which proved that we didn't have the problem before and that the lighting went pretty well. Either than that I guess every else went pretty smoothly. If I get time I'll probably go through and try find out what is causing the flashy effects and lag, cause it is really annoying to have, especially when you work on a project so long and hard and the outcome is not what you expected.

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