Saturday, June 13, 2009

Modding a HUD - Another Attempt

I decided to switch to Flash CS3 to make things easier as the tutorial also uses Flash CS3. The tutorial which I used started out pretty easy, I was actually flying threw it pretty quickly. This by the way is a pre-made layout for the HUD, which then in Flash you have to edit the text fields into dynamic text, the difference between this tutorial and the others is that this one uses text to change the amount of health, ammo, and energy, whilst the others uses flash animations e.g. creating a health bar, green to red to display health.

The images below shows my progression.

During the tutorial it states that doing the C++ is not necessary and the HUD "should" still work, unfortunately for me it doesn't. So after editing all the text to dynamic, you save then export the file, then create the Mods folder within the Crysis directory, rename the file to .gfx. You then now have to find the sdk file, in which after doing some research I found out that you need to download a program called Mod SDK, installing this program failed on me.

Above: The error when trying to install MOD SDK

But if you do happen to get it working and open up the SDK file, you then can go through find and edit the C++ as shown in the pictures in the tutorial. I'm still not quite sure on how to launch the MOD, the picture belows shows an external program used to quickly launch the mod, it could be MOD SDK. Anyhow the flash file should be saved into the directory Crysis/Mods/MyMod/Game/Libs/UI

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