Friday, May 1, 2009

Week 7

During the lecture today we had guest lecturer Jack Barton speaking to us. Jack works for a company called city futures, and uses digital media to present urban planning in for the future development. Interesting talk about how they are trying to collaborate CAD and GIS together therefore it will make it easier for urban planners to lay out their ideas.
Today only a total of 2 group members were present, we discussed our progress and ideas and problems. The texturing of the building was completed, so now its my turn to create interactivity within the building. Also, I found a major problem and I had to remove the glass from the windows, and doors from the framing in order to make them interactive. Later that day when I came to login in the class wiki, I noticed I'm logged in Jack's account, even when I log out of his and log into mine.I guess I have to work on it at home. I'm pretty behind for the class wiki so it will be a good idea to get a move on.

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