Monday, May 11, 2009

Week 8 - Fabrication Presentations

During the lecture today we had Dr Deo Prasad talking about global collaborations for sustainable future. I'm quite interested in the field of ESD, building green is the way to go in order to having a better environment, constructing buildings that become one with the environment and not causing any future effects, e.g. noted China's river which became ruined due to dumping rubbish and waste in the past, now they are trying to revive the river, which costs a lot of money and time.

My Impression

Team Digital had a very detailed environment of the surrounding buildings, which included AI. Weaknesses they might of had is that the interior spaces were not clearly defined, also not much textures where used, which appeared in our team. Overall an interesting building I guess in a way they had a reason not to define the interior spaces, as not much information was provided.

The model looks identical to the concept drawings, the surrounding environment is very detailed, had bridges, alot of AI, and cars which gave off the feel to the place. Weaknesses display in my opinion would be the texture of the building, which is really bright, the uses of white could of been maybe replaced by a less intense colour. Textures wasn't present throughout most of the building and internal spaces were not properly defined. Overall the building and the surrounding environment was really detailed.

The Urbans put alot of time and research into the building, on how it was built, the function, and the construction of form. Final model looks really good. AI would of gave the environment a sense of being there.

Presentation was really well detailed, outlined all aspects and steps of their fabrication. The overall fabrication is really detailed in all aspects, the only weakness is probably not texturing solids. But overall a great fabrication, great work.

Very interesting fabrication, an underwater building. Good concept which the final outcome was great, environment was very detail (train station). Had a reasonable amount of interactivity, very realistic lighting underwater. Weaknesses would be that the building was not textured.

Every groups presentations was great, each different team had different strengths and weaknesses, It was great to see their final fabrication after seeing a draft preview of it during week 4. I've noticed alot of the groups did not texture their buildings which appeared extensivley in our own fabrication. Our surrounding environment lacked AI as the theme of the location was desert, therefore having AI wondering outside would define the meaning.

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