Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Week 9

During the lecture today guest speaker Shilo McClean talked to us about the computer graphics world and the filming industry. Alot of movies now days use computer graphics to the max extend in order to create a sense of reality during the movie, a good example of computer graphics in play is the movie "Transformers" by director Micheal Bay. Transformers computer graphics is by far the best I have ever seen. Shilo talked about techniques film makers use in order to keep the audience entertained and attracted to the movie, for example you do not want to over exaggerate a movie or scene.

During the tutorial every had an opportunity to choose a field in which they will specialise in, e.g. creating better bump maps, lightings, making teleporting spots, advanced doors and windows. I chose to specialise in HUD (heads up display). What I have to do is research everything possible about HUD and how you can change it, edit it, add more gadgets, and maybe change the interface.
We then had group discussions with Jeremy and Graham, although only Jackey, Wirada, and myself were present during this discussion we received feedback on what needs to be changed, or improved on. We agreed that we will detail our building more, having a theme for furniture instead of having all sorts of different furniture is not appealing to the eye. Wall textures will be changed to a darker stony wall, the building will be altered and a set of ramps will be put in, which runs through the whole building. Window textures will be more detailed, since we have a series of buildings which spreads across the land, we decided to make each and everyone different. Working on the final "Polished Fabrication" will indeed be another challenge and hopefully the final product will be awesome.
Source: Transformers, Tripsc,, (Date Accessed 20th May 2009)

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