Monday, May 25, 2009

Week 10

Today's guest speaker was Andrew Wallace who was a recent FBE graduate now working for Lara Caldea Architects. Andrew specialises in creating architectural models in real-time engines, he has worked with the unreal engine and also the crysis engine. Using real-time environments is very time consuming but can show the clients great detail on their project's development and also rack in alot of cash. LCA entered a few competitions which they submitted real-time environments, I'm really impressed with the one they submitted on Sydney harbour, the detail of the environment was just amazing, real-time is truly another experience especially for clients to see, just mind blowing.

Below: LCA's design for the children, made with the Crysis engine

Below: LCA's Eco house design in the Crysis Engine

During the tutorial our group (which only was Jackey and I) wanted to test if our fabrication worked inside the game mode of Crysis, but unfortunately this test couldn't be completed as all the XPS laptops were taken. I discussed with Graham my field of specialisation which is the heads up display for Crysis, I realised that its not about getting the HUD to show what you want, its all about the method of doing it, cause if you know the method then endless possibilities are open to you.
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  1. Just saw this on TV a few seconds ago, quite cool hehe
    it's weird seeing my favourite game on TV! :D