Thursday, May 7, 2009

The Day

Had a final group meeting today, which was pretty late, got to uni around 10:30pm, with my completed file which contained all the interior furniture and AI. We thought everything would go smoothly when combining Jackey's and Wirada's files together, then that's when the big problem started. First of all we had to place well city all over the desert site, which went fine but some textures were missing, the water went all black, and the windows had no textures, also AI were mixed up.

Wirada ended up working on my file (as it still had the textures of water and windows working) she added all the extra furniture. I had to go through again and fix up the window textures and AI movement. I captured the 10 images required and posted it on the team journal, while Jackey and Wirada worked on the two videos for submission. Wirada, Jackey, and myself worked on the powerpoint presentation which we need to revise, we are just about to finish.

I've noticed that I have been contacting my team members mostly by e-mail, msn messenger, and sms. It is great how technology can still help us keep all up to date on each others progress, since we live a fair distance apart from one another the technology's applications just made work more efficient for us. Also file sharing sites such as filefont, mediafire has become very handy for sharing large amounts of data, this eliminates the need to meet up and transfer from one another. Technology has greatly improved our teams management and communication and creating a strong sense of collaboration within the team environment.

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