Friday, May 29, 2009

Week 11

Today we visited iCinema, which is located towards the upper campus of UNSW. Matthew McGinity guided us through into the cinema where we were guided into a room surrounded by projected screens 360 degrees around. The place is made up multiple cameras each projecting on the the screen. 3D glasses were provided to us to have the full experience of iCinema, firstly we were showed ancient sites, such as Angkor Wat, and other temples and sites, this experience was amazing especially the part when they had the Indian god Shiva dancing, you could tell its computer animated but it really feels as if you are standing a meter away from it. Next we were in a mine, this mine was to provide training for new miners about the hazards in the mine, and what precautions should be taken in a state of an emergency, I really think this is a great way to teach lessons to miners, as it is probably as real as it can get visually.

The tutorial this week was short, just had a discussion on what was going to be happening in the following weeks, and what should be done, and what we should be prepared for. During this week we should be creating our second tutorial which is the "medium difficulty", also apply it to our fabrication and add two others from people of other groups.
Source: iCenema, Sydney Festival,, (Date Accessed 29th May 2009)

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