Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Progress Week 8

This week has been really busy, I managed to finished interactivity on time, which included opening doors, breakable windows, but I came across a problem with the pool, I cannot swim in it. The textures are right you can shoot it and water will spray up but you cant swim in it, I've researched long and hard and finally found a forum which explains it easily.


Problem is now solved, the swimming pool is now swimable. Yet again as I was working with AI, they didn't seem to move even though they are suppose to. Another forum explains it easily.


A Problem we experiencing a
t the moment is lighting, when Swati placed lighting within the building it starts to make surfaces flashy. I really think the lighting needs to be worked on properly. So far I managed to get all my tasks done in time, also the class wiki.

Above is an example of the lighting problems we had.

Today we also met up for a group talk, hopefully if all goes well all we will be doing tomorrow is working on the presentation and videos.

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