Friday, May 22, 2009

Specualisation HUD Outcomes

Easy Outcomes
- Easy outcomes of modding the HUD can be changing the HUD that is already there, removing it, changing the look e.g. colour, shape etc.
- Adding custom art, pictures, logos.

Medium Outcomes
- Creating a totally different HUD display, which basically everything is custom made, high chance that you may have to create your own images which will be used in the HUD.

Advanced Outcomes
- A section of the HUD displaying something totally different such as weather, time of day, temperature, and health of enemies etc.
- Different HUD display for certain types of weapons that's used, e.g. rocket launcher may have a tracking system.

These outcomes are challenging to do, but I think the most important thing now is the "method" on how to alter the HUD and add different displays to the HUD, if you can get the method right, everything else is basically customising to your liking.

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