Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Progress Update

So far everything is running smoothly. I have completed modelling the building in Revit, the only problems we have left now is texturing and importing the model into the Crysis engine. We are having trouble showing our building textures in Crysis, as it appears only once, and disappears next time. Wirada also tried using 3ds max 2009, but then we discovered that you can only use 3ds max 9 to import textures into the Crysis engine. I'm going to have a go at it myself, by firstly learning how to use sketch up, i noticed Jeremy got the textures working by using sketch up, hopefully all goes well for myself.

The link Jeremy left on the class wiki will be useful to me, its a tutorial from the crymod website:


Our group is going to meet up tomorrow and finish everything off for the presentation

A brief description of what our project is:
Well City is a series of underground buildings located throughout dry land, containing living areas which include recreational spaces such as swimming pools. Above the pool area is what you would call the well, this is because if you are looking down into the centre of the building it is similar to looking into a well, but on a larger scale.

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