Thursday, March 26, 2009

Week 3 - Getting Close

During the lecture we discussed what will be happening in the following week, the submission of assignment 1 is due "draft map fabrication" Jeremy talked us through the brief and told us what is required by next week. Each group then had to present their progress on the problems that they were having and the solution they had to resolve it.

During the tutorial each member of the team had to complete the task given to them which i posted earlier in the blog. Today we were mostly organising what we have to do by next week. Wirada helped us out by creating a timetable which shows the tasks given to each individual and the date that it should be completed by. If the task assigned to the individual does not get completed in time, things may get out of hand as everything links together; i.e. a collabrative work. The task i was given is to model up the building, which I shall create using Revit which then will be imported into 3DS max for textures. I think time is getting real tight here and we must push through to achieve our goal, hopefully all goes well.

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