Saturday, March 28, 2009

Group Meeting/Work

Our group met up to do some work today, Swati was in charge of lighting, Wirada is focusing on textures and importing, Jack is generating land forms. I started modelling the building in Revit, which was completed a few long hours later. I didn't model it to great detail, but windows were placed in as it will be important for lighting for the well.

The building is almost complete, only missing missing internal fixtures, furniture and most importantly, lighting. Modelling the well city gave me a better understanding of the
building and how it works, i had to read sections and plans that were available and try to make out what happens and how they connect.

I managed to import the model into 3ds max, all to do now is watch the 20min tutorial on how to import the model from 3ds max to sandbox 2. Alot of work was done today, hopefully everyone manages to get time for another meet up session.

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