Thursday, March 26, 2009

Week 3 - Synchronous Messaging

Synchronous messaging comes to advantage when collaborating within a team environment, applications such as msn messenger and skype speeds up the process of our communication, and hence desired goal. These programs make communication easier and completing tasks more efficiently. I think now days everyone uses some sort of synchronous messaging as it is very easy and convenient to use where ever you are. It is also free!


Windows Live Messenger
Probably the most popular instant messenge
r around these days. This program provides users with functions such as voice chat, online games, video chat, and file sharing. Adding contacts are made easy by using their e-mail addresses. MSN messenger is a simple clean user friendly program to use.Reference: Picture, Wilson Tan, March. 2009.

Skype similar to MSN messenger but this package focuses more on voice chat and conference calls, you add contact using th
eir desired user name, layout and usability of this package is simple and straight forward to use. Skype is expanding, making many mobile devices include this program to use, as it gives cheaper and sometimes free calls to anywhere in the world.
Reference: Picture, Wilson Tan, March. 2009.

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