Wednesday, March 18, 2009

My Two Unbuilt Architectures (part 2)

The second building I have chosen is similar to the first one; designed by the same architect, located in Kornet Chehouane, Lebanon. The building is also surprisingly a villa (called M-Project) which will start to be built in July 2009. What is amazing about this villa is free-standing as a rock that survived natural erosion, and the steepness of the site its built upon. The major influence which shaped this villa is from the nature of the environment and the personality of the client, the villa is visually a major contrast to the site it’s situated within.

What I like about this building is the way the structure integrates onto the site, still preserving its surroundings. The buildings simplicity makes it a team liking, doesn’t have anything over the top, location of interior spaces is like a maze which has a series of staircases connecting all levels, using this villa will be very challenging to the team as we have to work with steep land forms, working out the location of the rooms on different levels could come as a problems, as not all of the floor plans are provided at this time. But on the other hand I did manage to find plans of sections and a interior perspective, which will come in handy.
Personally out of the two, I wouldn’t mind doing either, they are both challenging to create in the CryEngine, they also both adapt well to their surrounding env
ironment having very little impact.


Source: All Images, Y.Tohme/Architects,, (Date Accessed 18th March 2009)

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