Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Week 2

During the lecture we discussed the topics, culture, management, hierarchy, planning, records, context, technology, conflict, intent, communication, remuneration, knowledge and how these all relate to collaboration. We were supposed to vote for a class wiki but that didn't end up too well. The final decision came down to using wetpaint.

In the tutorial, our team all agreed to use "Well City" to be our chosen model. Reasons behind our decision was because the building is simple and it has lots of potential to merge in with the surroundings available in the Crysis engine. The model Well City is very interesting and will be very challenging for us to do, as the whole complex is underground, with potential difficulties with lighting, and also another major issue is water and the physics of the flow of water. I think what we really need now is larger pictures of the details such as sections and the floor plans, as the current ones we have are too small to work from.

The unchosen building was a skyscraper from the evolo's site. The building doesn't really look difficult to model, but there maybe a problem with the cords, columns on the outside as they look very complex. Not only that, there is not enough plans we can work from.

Later our group discussed the 8 potential problems we may encounter within the oncoming weeks, the conclusion was:
1. Creating water within the buildings
2. Drilling a perfect rectangular hole
3. Lighting of the rooms
4. Importing materials to Crysis
5. Importing miscellaneous objects to Crysis
6. Creating the cave for the well
7. Recreating the space (scale) with the information available
8. Correct flow of water (well to pool)

We divided up the 8 points, i will be doing points 1 and 8. Point 8 correct flow of water could be tricky as you may have to play around with the physics of water in the Crysis engine. We were also issued with the topics technology and conflict to research for next week as they will be put into the class wiki.

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