Monday, April 6, 2009

Week 4

During this week every group had to present their draft fabrication, we had a guest lecturer that talked to us about conflict in the work force. Quite an interesting talk as we have a glimpse of what really happens out there under a building project; where there is so much more conflict than you think.

Presentations went pretty well for everyone, interesting and thoughtful designs from each group and some with alot of progress done. Our group is still working out how to correctly import textures into the Crysis engine, I think it is really important for us to get it out of the way this week, so we can focus on furnishing the internals and think about the layout of everything. It would be great if we got this finished off quick smart, as we have to think about other things such as, sound, making objects movable, making doors interactive, and maybe making glass breakable.

During this week I will focus on completing the weekly task, which is posting my collaboration topic onto the class wiki, and reference them correctly. I should start looking for articles and sources in libraries, instead of the good old Internet.

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