Wednesday, March 18, 2009

My Two Unbuilt Architectures

One of the unbuilt Architecture I have chosen is a villa situated within Beirut. This villa called "T-Project" is designed by architect Youssef Tohme. The villa is located within a forest environment and will be built on the natural slopes of the rocky terrain, this project will start in May 2009 (so it’s still unbuilt even by the time this subject finishes).

The design and form of the building is simple and monumental externally, whilst in the interior spaces takes on complex and organic geometries which creates duality and contrast between the two. During the tutorial our group discussed which types of forms and designs we liked, which we mostly agreed on simple and organic forms, so T-Project might hopefully be the dwelling we are looking for. Personally I think T-Project is a significant piece of unbuilt Architecture, because of the simple complex forms it takes on and horizontal planes, which works really well with the environment it is situated in keeping the natural form of the site intact. This design should be interesting to my team based on the discussion we had during the first tutorial, the long horizontal planes and simple building shape should not be too difficult to create in the CryEngine. The dwelling shown in the pictures looks quite similar to the environment in the Crysis game; a dwelling not disturbing the natural form of the surroundings. Fabricating T-Project may be difficult, floor plans I have found are quite small, but other useful details are provided such as a perspective, sections, some of the interior spaces and views of different parts of the villa externally.

Source: All Images, Y.Tohme/Architects,, (Date Accessed 18th March 2009)

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  1. What is your cryEngine ?
    I would be verry interested by the result on this Villa