Thursday, March 19, 2009

Progress and Development of the Crysis tutorial

Flow graphs, placing the tag point and area trigger was easy at first but when i came upon the flow chart section it started to become more difficult. Everything just got confusing and hard to find.

Adding AI was just like placing trees on the map. There were all sorts of AI's to add.

When i was creating roads at first, the roads were going all over the place and not like how the tutorial showed. I realised that i forgot to turn on "snap", an integral part which made the roads smooth.

Solids - had problems here with selecting the edges which also got pretty confusing. But in the end, I managed to make a ramp by adjusting the surfaces of the solid.

Here's another shot of adjusting the time of day.

Adjusting the time of day, I'm beginning to like this map editor.

Voxels - had a little problem with these. Couldn't seem to move the box creating cliffs were fine, but i had trouble creating a cave. Below you can see there is still a hole there.

Playing around with prefabs was pretty fun, its just a folder that has building models which you can blow apart.

Adding objects onto the map was just like opening a file and placing it on, but i had to make sure that snap was on, or else objects maybe floating.

Modifying the terrain - i noticed this program is quite similar to programs such as 3ds max and maya, which was pretty good as i have used these programs before. Modifying the terrain was a quick process as you can adjust the radius where you would like to flatten or modify.

Placing trees and vegetation on the map, this can really be detailed according to your settings used.

Creating the land for the new map was a fairly easy process, as you can see i tried to create some contrast with grass and sand.

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