Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Week 5

Well first thing first, our group finished off posting on the class wiki so other groups can expand on our synopsis. During the lecture this week we had guest Neil Brown from the Linux development talk to us surprisingly about all the topics of collaboration we mentioned for our class wiki. Neil started off by introducing us to the 3 main topics he is going to discuss, philosophy, tools, and people. he discussed that when working with codes within Linux you have to be able to make the code clean neat and easy to understand, therefore it gives the next person more of an opportunity to come alone and enhance it, but making it work is not enough it must also be maintainable. having the right set of tools will make it more easier to collaborate with one another and make things so much easier. When Neil was discussing people i noticed he mentioned the method of hierarchy quite a few times.

After the lecture our group discussed how we were going to make up our schedule for the final fabrication project. We thought about milestones and so it makes up work up to something and achieve it, we came up with the following:
  • correct scale of the building
  • finishing the exterior and interior of the building
  • modelling furnishings
  • textures, scaling textures, bump maps
  • terrain, layout, orientation, making the site more noticeable, defining the building site and context of the place
  • environment, time of day, type of vegetation used, lighting, atmosphere, objects, sounds
  • interactivity, having vehicles to get around, AI's and what will they be doing
  • preparation for the presentation, power point, video walkthrough
After discussing these problems we assigned the tasks to each individual and the date it should be done by. I created the table below which show our schedule.

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