Monday, April 27, 2009

The Final Form

Throughout the last few days I have been adding extra elements to the building, e.g. stairs, placing doors, fixtures, fittings, and furniture. Arranging the furniture is not as easy as it seems, you really have to take into consideration the spacing between them, and also the layout. I'm glad I've finally got this done and now to move on to my next part. AI and interactivity within the built environment is basically adding people into the building (making them do things e.g. walking, swimming), interactivity, making objects move, doors openable, and glass breaking. This week is really going to be tough but hopefully all goes well.

An overall view of the final model with furnishings, some of the walls and ceilings had to be hidden in order to observe the interior spaces.

The other side of the model, showing living spaces, kitchen and bathroom areas.

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