Sunday, April 19, 2009

Break Report

The break provided a good time for our group to get back on track and on top of things, we all were working on our part during the Easter break. My task involved everything to do with modelling, so i started to finalize the model, thinking about realistic sizes and dimensions of rooms etc.

This is the basement level; this level will act as a recreation area, swimming pool, the columns hold up the bridge that runs across opposite sides of the room.

This is a level above, swimming pool, the area to the right is the restroom and spa area. To the right is the stairs which leads up to the living spaces.

Top left and bottom left will be bedrooms, between them are restrooms and a small book area. Top right is a conference room/ study area, and bottom right is the second living room. Notice the middle, you can see down into the pool area, this area will provide lighting to the interior spaces.

The ground level has access to the outside world, the spaces consist of, two bedrooms (bottom) large living room/games room (top), and to the left we have the kitchen, dining area, and the bathroom.

Next part of my task is to add furniture, and think about fixtures such as door knobs, lighting fixtures, and how to fill up the empty spaces.

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