Friday, April 10, 2009

Wikipedia Page Analysis - Technology

The overall layout of this website is simple, clean, and easy to navigate through. Its quick and easy to access all the different options as they are located on the side bar on the left hand side, wikipedia keeps consistency throughout the website. Normally when searching a topic e.g. technology the first few paragraphs gives you a description and definition of technology. Below this is a table of contents which are also quick links that takes you straight to the heading, having this helps the navigator quickly search for their topic of interest.
Some important or key words (coloured blue) are linked to different pages, by clicking on this it will give take you to another page which provides you with more information. Pictures captioned with descriptive text below it, clicking on the picture will take you to another page which you can download the full size of the image, also this page will provide reference and information about the picture, e.g. date, picture taken by whom.
There are more functions to wikipedia, e.g. the search bar on located on the left hand side is really handy and it at a position that is easy to locate. At the end of the page they provide you with related information on the topic and also references of their sources.
Wikipedia provides you with the power to be able to edit and page. Edit as in edit everything, spelling, gramma, and even removing. If one wishes to add more information they must properly reference their source accordingly. Wikipedia provides other functions such as a discussion page, history, source viewing.
Source: Technology Page, Wikipedia,, (Date Accessed on 10th April 2009)

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